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Affiliate policy

a) The Affiliate will fulfill his obligations in a professional manner, in accordance with the provision of the Affiliate Agreement and with the applicable Law/Regulation, showing all the necessary skills, due diligence and competence;
b) By any way the Affiliate will not receipt and transmit market orders and will not act as a Nominee of the Customer, even if the Customer solicited this;
c) When acting based on the Affiliate Agreement, the Affiliate will not offer to the Customer portfolio management services/investment advise services, in relation to the financial instruments offered by the Company, or any other financial instruments;
d) Any of the Affiliate’s statements should be issued as personal opinions and has to be accompanied by a clear statement which shows that this cannot be substitute to an investment recommendation, but with a personal opinion;
e) As per the Company request, the Affiliate is obliged to provide reports regarding the fulfillment of his duties provided in the Affiliate Agreement;
f) The Affiliate cannot solicit, accept or pretend any amounts as Deposit, Commission or Price to the Customer, in relation to the services/products offered by the Company;
g) The Affiliate will describe the products offered by the Company in a realistic way, describing in all the details of the financial instruments, without any exaggeration or omission regarding any of the particularities of the financial instruments offered by the Company;
h) It is the sole responsibility of the Affiliate to keep all the records that show the fulfillment of his obligations in relation to this Affiliate Agreement.